Phurl Installation

CNF; $config_file = preg_replace("/\"/", """, $config_file); echo "config.php file:
\n". "

\n"; if ($_POST['prune'] == 1) { echo "Add this line into your crontab file:
\n". "
/usr/bin/php part of the line may change depeneds on your operating system or PHP installation.

\n"; } if ($_POST['rewrite'] == 1) { $htaccess_file = <<< HTA XBitHack Off RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} \/([0-9a-z]{6})$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*) http://{$_POST['domain']}/forward.php?%1 [L] HTA; $htaccess_file = preg_replace("/\"/", """, $htaccess_file); echo ".htaccess file:
\n". "

\n"; } echo "Installation has been finished, click here to view your new site.

\n"; } else { ?>
Do Not Install Database, Just Configure:

Database Hostname:

Database Port Number:

Database Username:

Database Password:

Database Name:

Create Database If Not Exists:

Domain Name:

Enable Rewrite:


Enable reCAPTCHA (

reCAPTCHA PublicKey:

reCAPTCHA PrivateKey:

Prune URLs:

Prune After:

Admin Username:

Admin Password:

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